Sunday, 18 December 2011

So many questions. So much time.

When you killed Lucas, you stayed there for hours didn't you? You were just watching him. You cried over him. You mourned him. You were cold. Your heart froze over. You hated it didn't you? Being out there. You hated yourself. You were a monster, what you think we designed you to be. A killer. An assassin.

Then salome came, she had followed you, watched you mourning. She hugged you, didn't she? She said. "Do you want to die?" And what was it you said? You said "No. I have too many questions to die."

You didn't blame yourself for the death, not really. You had solace in the fact it was him or you.

That is a lie, you kill because we make you. That is true. But you chose what you were to be. Not we. What is important, is that you chose to be hope for us. You are hope Ember.

When we meet, perhaps I will answer some of those questions you hold so dear to you.

Perhaps not.

We shall see my dear Ember Fay. We shall see.

Felix Felidae

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