Friday, 2 December 2011

Just thought I'd update you.

It's Salome, I figured you all should know.

We encountered some trouble, I've been sent back to get backup and help them collect Ember. Seems that our target was being fucking defended and he took Ember. Some higher up fucked up and I'm gonna find out who when this is over. When I find that out, there'll be a mature conversation with my fucking god damn knife.

Provided the kid doesn't do anything stupid, Ember'll be fine I'm sure.



  1. ... You just left him? What the fuck is wrong with you, you're supposed to be protecting him!

  2. I AM protecting him. Whoever this David motherfucker is, two of us isn't enough to deal with it.


  3. ... David?
    It's fucking DAVID?
    Oh, I'll be having words with him.

  4. That I do. I should've made sure to let him know, Ember's off fucking limits.