Thursday, 1 December 2011

Leaving for a new target.

Today we left for a new place.
Salome and I.
We have been given our orders.
And we intend to act on them.

Or at least Salome does.

I awoke with a letter on my chest.
Salome found it too quickly as I was reading.
I can only give you the bare details from memory.

It was from Jules Chenier to Ember,
he was talking about another murder
similar to the last.

I cannot remember her name.
He was going to ask more questions
about father,
keep pressing it.

I do not know why Ember
was the addressee.
Maybe Jules and Mother
had an agreement?

I do not know.
Also today,
Salome gave me a computer,
small, folds up.
She said it was a netbook?

She says that means
I can file reports
and the likes on site.
Which is good, I suppose.

I suppose that is what happens.

Good bye for now.


  1. Glad you have your own computer now, at least. Keep in touch. You're not a bad guy, considering.

  2. I intend to try,
    I just hope it
    does not put you
    at risk.