Saturday, 25 August 2012

I suppose I should have known this would happen.

All phones disconnected.
All contact lost.

The loop.

The loop is gone.

Penny is dead.
I killed her.
West and I.
We will try and make contact with another cell.

London Bridge is falling dstopitstopitstopit

I am Ember Fay
I am injured and partially deaf right now.
West told me something important.
Something that I should have known.

All I wanted was to keep my friends safe.
I did not want to start this.
I need to talk to Tau.

I hope he made it out in time.

My Duckie.

I know you probably hate me.
But when you and I killed The Fat Controller,
I knew you, like we had met properly.
down falling down falling donotwishtothinkaboutit For the f1rst time that evening:

I will 3xplain everything.
I will.
I promise.

Fracture is a h0rrible person.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A Tutor

I visited Salome again a couple of days back.
The second time since I placed her urn.

There is a tradition in our Order.
You only visit a person twice.
Once when you place them there.
And again, once you have made something of yourself.

To show the dead that their sacrifice was not in vain.

And I have...
I have changed.

It is like I am half a person.
This other half wants to kill.
I do not.
I deeply do not.

I caught a glimpse of this side last New Year.
Salome had told me not to think, just act.
It was like my body knew what to do.
But soon it was not just my body.

It was like a part of me had been separated,
and I did not want to have it back.

But it helped.
This... Persona I could adopt.
It helped me kill.

Swan called the half Salome,
when he discovered it.

Bringer of peace.
I did not like it,
it disrespected her.

But this other loved it.

I killed with him.
I hunted.
I cut that man so many times.

I hate it,
I hate it to the point that the house seems bearable.
But I am here...

Normally I can control it...
But what if I just decide to give up?
What if I allowed Duckie's Salome to become me?
Who would be the first to die?

The man who must die,
Or me?

I am about to do something I want.
To maybe save some lives.

Why am I scared?

Thursday, 16 August 2012

A location.

Well, we found him.
We found Swan.
He looked half dead when I saw him,
all wrapped up in a suit.

I was so worried.
First the posts about him losing sleep...
He called me... A part of me anyway...

Then he just vanished.
I tried to find him,
with the help of Firecracker.

She is a skilled tracker,
even if she wants to kill him.

We spent days looking for him
until we received a tip...
I do not know how they knew my number.
But it was accurate.

She beat me there
but she didn't hurt him...
I called West and we took him back.

He woke up again a day later.
Like he had not been sleeping.
Not since before he had vanished anyway...

I'm staying to make sure he will be okay.
Also West had calamari dumped on his head.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Red One's Letter

Just so you know.
This post is on a timer.
I am currently on a search for Duckie and... Well.

I... I do not know why.

I suppose it was to say that if I was not back now,
West should probably panic 
or call me
or something.

A while back now.
I said I would type up Lucky's Letter.
I then promptly forgot about it
I do not know why, but I took the letters with me.

The letters I have left anyway.
Then I came across it, bloodstained.
There was no date upon this letter.
But I assume it is a couple of months after the last.

Maybe January or February, 1889. 
Those dates feel significant.
I do not know why.

Here it is: 

"Dear Ember Fay,

I want to tell you something, please, promise me you will not come and visit me. I also request that you do not call me worthy of Bedlam. What I am telling you is in the deepest confidence.

I saw a man the other day, a tall man, he was stood outside my window like a spectre, or a thief. When I looked to it, I stood, grasped my cane and moved to face him. "A common Thief. Or a joke taken too far!" I can hear you cry out. You remember my abode, a room above a bakers shop. They feel so safe with a Policeman in tenancy.

There was no ladder when I opened the window to observe his getaway.

I digress, he was <The words are too faded to read.>

This man, whoever he is, he knows about these murders. Or maybe he is the one perpetrating them. Please do not ask me how I know this, or why I do. I feel it from my own personal experience. I only see facts, the idea that he was something <Once again the words are too faded to read> 

It disturbs me deeply.

I will continue the interviews, but please do not expect me to draw blood from a stone, Spring Heeled Jack is incredibly elusive.

I have certain fears for my safety, especially if this man is the Gentleman I am looking for.

Liberté Égalité Fraternité

Jules Chénier"

Friday, 3 August 2012

Radio Silence

I never said how I came to work for this Order. Did I? Never had a mom or dad and was brought up by Tau. He said he was my godfather, but I thought he wanted to have me as his kid.

Then I wised up and realised he just wanted another killer to launch at people he disagreed with. So that's what I gave him.

A few weeks ago now, we were recieving guests. Swan, Ronan and the rapist. All was fine, and then another of our backers was dead. There was a funny joke with him. He called himself "The Controller." But he was so morbidly obese there was genuine fucking concern for doorways. From then on, a load of us killers called him "The Fat Controller." Like in that kids TV show about trains. I can't remember the damn name for the life of me.

He was found in his safehouse, his guards both shot and stabbed. He had been cut open like a pig on his bed. After that, Theta ordered us all to go dark. We got rid of our guests and sealed the loop. Theta would come down fairly regularly, let us know that we were all suspects, and vanish off upstairs. Though I'd guess that upper management disagreed with him...

I'd try and find out what it's about, but isn't my job to understand the upper management I guess. We should get going. Just another fucking job to do.

Isn't it always like that?