Monday, 10 December 2012

A Proof of Concept.

I awoke in the early afternoon.
to the sound of fighting outside in the snow.
Two men arguing over who should be partnered up.
Then punches got thrown.

I looked at them, 
looked at West.
We both walked through the gathering crowd.

I stepped between them.
I told them that there are no partners.
No secrets.

Someone screamed why they thought I should be in charge.
After what happened with Duckie.
After I killed someone who was close to all of us.

One of them draws a knife to stab me.
I kill him.
I said I felt stronger now.
I have told them all before.

I say that I will free them.
And I will do that.
But is not a democracy.
It is my way or the road.

No more half measures.
No more assassination attempts.
Theta, either come and face me.
Or we will come and find you.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Little to Report

We keep moving.
We keep fighting.
I understand though.
He has control of the loop.

We can just wait until he runs out of mooks.
Or those mooks decide to join us.
Any war is one of attrition.
That is what this is.

I am being melodramatic.

No... No I am not.

None of what happened before has happened.
I have been coping otherwise.
I still cannot focus on the thing I call "blur."
I am uncertain if it is fear of pain or a physical limitation that stops me.

Salome taught me with knives.
The trick being to cut them many times.
Then go for the killing blow when they cannot resist.

It is odd not ignoring that and going for the quickest option.
A quick death feels more humane.
Though the idea of being humane does not fit with this.
It is not one person, but an order we must kill...

If duc