Sunday, 4 December 2011

Keep Calm and try to Carry On

We got back to
the Office today.
We had to travel slower
because of pain.

Four of us altogether.
One taking watch.
The other two sleeping.

They are close,
the other team.

I... I keep them company
unless Salome's on watch.
She makes me try and sleep.

One is really tall,
maybe about my age,
whatever my age is,
I do not know my age.

Fair skinned,
blue eyes with glasses.
He called himself
a fixer. He was kind.

He was always talking about
why he should get blue hair.
How amazing it would be.

He made me think of a 
taller, happier version of Lucas.

We joked,
I was not in the mood
but he cheered me up a little.

He was the one
who properly
bandaged me up.

He said he had
been working for
Mother for years.

But recently,
they had been
stretched thin.

Which was why
they took so long
to arrive to help...

The other was well built, muscular.
A fighter like Salome,
but stronger rather than quick.

Short dark hair with tanned skin,
hollow eyes, he had seen too much.
He did not talk to me that much.
Said that he did not like to grow attached.

They left yesterday on another job.
I wish them well though.

Salome tells me
that my injuries
will have to heal

She says it is
complicated as
wounds that are
inflicted in the Office
are fine the next day.

But wounds that happen
outside do not.

I ask her why but
she just says
"Those are the rules."

I felt like I was covered
in bandages.
I did not need them.
They are not bleeding anymore.

Most of them
are not

I need to see them.
The cuts
I need to remember

Even if it hurts.

Doctor said
I am fine apart from the fact
I'm anemic and feel so tired.
He also said I was suffering from
general anxiety, which makes it
difficult for me to sleep.

I clearly have a very
good combination of issues.

I am to go back
to work in
a few days.

I do not feel fine, but
I understand what
Salome means by
dealing with pain now.

Oh, Salome's back.
She's covered in blood
and has a smile on her face.

It looks like she has
found the one
who is at fault.

"people" who are at fault.
Three of them fell down
the stairs and onto her knife.

Several times apparently.

To me,
the only one at fault is David.
I refuse to be an example to him.
I cannot allow it.

Ember Fay


  1. I don't think I'm going to get along well with David...

    Hope you're better soon. I wish you the best.

  2. I do not understand
    how anyone gets along
    with David,
    considering what
    he did to me.

    But I will be fine.
    I have to be fine.
    Thank you Gargoyle.

  3. ... it's really best to move on, Ember.
    Mix-ups happen.
    Mistakes happen.
    Do you know why?

    Because we're expendable.

    As it stands, you don't stand a chance against David Banks. You survived, and that should be good enough.

    Put your head down and do your job.

  4. No.
    No it is not.
    And you said
    it yourself.

    "As it stands."

    I plan to change that,

    Though I do
    not believe
    you know what
    trying to
    be better than
    yourself is like.

    You are happy in
    your hole.

    You are expendable.