Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Recently I have
been "killing time"
rather than people.

Salome awoke
late night
three days ago.
She is not in the
best of ways.

She has had her neck
braced to prevent her
from moving it too much
and starting the bleed again.

Also she has not been
able to speak or really 
do anything.

Although she did try and
curse at the doctors. Which
is good to know I suppose.

Unfortunately this means 
that the name of the one 
I need to find to well, 
find Felix Felidae, 
is still in her head.

I have only been able to
be properly with her
during hospital hours.
So I have been going
between the hospital 
and a motel nearby.

Every day she seems
more scared, and then
the doctors up her pain

Felix keeps saying that
I should let him kill her.
But I will not let her die.
Not now. Not after what-

Not after what we have been through together.
If Christmas is to be spent with family, 
then I will certainly spend it with Salome.

Even if she does threaten to kill me. 

Ember Fay


  1. I have no idea
    exactly what's going on,
    but you have a way
    with words.

    This way of typing
    is much less
    boring than how
    other people do it.

    I like this.
    I like this blog.
    I will follow you.
    I will try to play nice.

    I will probably fail.

  2. You should do
    it more often.
    I like this
    side of you.

    You know.

    The one that
    tries to be nice.

  3. It's hard.
    My brain's funny.
    The meds help
    but not for long

    Even now
    I just want
    to attack
    the only one
    who's been kind.

  4. Does it happen
    often, Easton?

    The need to just
    attack for the
    sake of attacking?

  5. Yes
    It's in me
    In my mind
    In my blood

    What wasn't
    already there
    was put there
    and left th

    This is fucking stupid.