Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Moses continued

Sorry, I am a
little calmer now.
Back to what happened.

It felt like a few minutes
had passed, I lowered my
gun from the door and
took the magazine out.

I was struggling to load
a couple of extra bullets 
into the magazine for my pistol.
I was trembling too much.

I kept dropping them.

Salome tapped me 
on the shoulder.
She was shaky on her
feet, but calmer now.

She smiled a little at me. 
"Silly rabbit, reloading 
"will be too slow. Once 
"you run out of rounds..."

"Use your knife."

A couple of moments
later I shouted 
through the door. 

"Look! We don't 
want to hurt you. If 
you want to leave,
we will let you live."

Their response was 
not the best we could 
have had.

"He protected us! 
You've killed us all! 
This is your fault!"

Salome frowned a little.
"Moses sacrificed you to him.
You know that right?
He tried to sacrifice me!"

Moses led us 
one by one
to salvation!"

It was a woman's voice
this time, I could hear 
children crying. 

Salome glanced at me,
we knew we had to fight.
I had tried to talk our way
out of this situation.

I handed her her gun,
and she spent
ten seconds
preparing it.

We tugged on our masks.
And then we were ready.
I gently twisted
the key, unlocking it.

I heard a shout, someone
kicked the door open and
lunged through with a knife.

He fell with a single
shot to the head
from Salome's gun.

She gestured for me
to go first.
Of course I went first.
I was stupid like that.

Those who did not run.
They fought.
We killed them.

I ran out of rounds,
I holstered the gun
and tugged out my knife.

It all felt so slow.

Salome shot over my shoulder,
catching a man I had not noticed
in the chest, he fell.

Then I felt her
do the same,
forward into me.

I caught her, 
lowering her down.

I killed three of them,
there was a man,
protecting a woman
and a little boy.

He held the knife out
holding it toward me.

I told him to run, turning
toward Salome, she
had a knife embedded
in her neck.

She was bleeding heavily.
There was so much blood...
I half carried her, half dragged
her out of there.

Then I put pressure on the
wound and called Fixer.
He was near, he got us
out of there, but she was
taken to hospital.

She is still unconscious.
The wound had nicked the
blood vessel on her neck.

He said there was nothing that
I could do for her and that I was
to leave her.

He said that
Salome needs to
wake up soon.

Or else

Or else Mother would
"have to cut her losses."

Mother is a cunt.

I am sick and tired of
killing with no reason why.
I do not even know who
I even work for.

I am not a blind follower.
I need answers.
I am not leaving Salome.


  1. You gave them a chance. That's more than most would offer. Some people just have a poor sense of self-preservation...

    You'll probably get into trouble if you make a stand. But do whatever you feel is right.

  2. I didn't
    want to

    I never
    want to

    And I shall
    try and be

  3. Killing Killing Killing

    it all comes down to killing.

    But if you don't have a reason

    there is no point, no direction.

    Are you content as a knife, I wonder.

  4. Knives are the
    only things we
    are useful as.

    But I do
    not wish
    to be one.

  5. Then break out, bite back.

    It is a hard life, to be sure

    but a life lived by your own principles, a life as a human is the only worth living.

    Even if I was executed today, I would think that as I faced the barrel of the gun.

  6. I am TRYING,
    when I try,
    I hurt people


  7. was a dead man. Do not guilt yourself over his death.

    Had you not killed him, someone cruel would have. He had a modicum of peace, Ember.

  8. He was not
    He was in

    That was the
    calmness I saw
    in his eyes.

  9. His death would have been far worse at someone elses hands, and it would have come. Swiftly, cruelly.

    Not many would have given what you gave to an enemy, at the cost of themselves.

    We are soldiers, Ember. We are trained to not give compassion to our enemies.

  10. Apparently I have
    not been trained
    in that aspect of

  11. And this is why you are precious

  12. Precious.
    Felix called
    me "Hope."

    Perhaps that
    is one of the
    same thing.

  13. Perhaps it is.

    Do not lose yourself, Ember.

  14. From what I know,
    of what I was,
    and what I do now.

    Myself is not
    a very nice
    person to
    be around.

  15. Even if I do
    feel compassion.
    I still kill.

  16. Compassion is such a rare gift, even among those who almost never kill. You shouldn't undervalue it's worth, espically if it is not a learned trait. It makes you a better person than myself anyways, if that's any consolation.

    See you around