Saturday, 3 December 2011

"An error somewhere."

We were on the trail of
someone named Sophie.
Salome had the full name.
Our trail led us to Denver, CO.

It is very cold here right now.

We were following her through a
busy street and then she bolted.
Salome drew her gun and
ran after her into an alleyway.

I caught up with her
just in time to see her
pinned by a man.

David Banks.
Lucas told me of him.
The man who did the kind of things.
The kind of things you see in nightmares.

I tried to pull him off of her.
He had me pinned against a wall
before I could say anything.

They talked with me still there,
Salome and David.
Salome did not shoot him.
A part of me wondered
if we were on the same side.

David wanted Sophie alive.
We needed her dead.
I did not wish her dead.
I did not wish anyone dead.

It did not mean I didn't fight him.
I... I tried to stab him.
He dodged it, but
the knife was still gripped in my hand.

Salome called my name
and I froze.
She looked at me for a moment.
I looked at her.
I knew she was going to run.
It was logical.

We had discussed it.
"Call for back up and then come back."
She didn't come back.
She didn't.

I fought.
I stabbed him properly and he didn't even notice.
I tried to shoot him.
He disarmed me.
I needed to buy her time.

He kissed me on the forehead.
He said he admired the two of us.
That it would normally be a good thing that we do not quit.
I tried to be brave.

I tried so hard to be brave...

He said he was going to enjoy this.
The look on his face panicked me.
I fought for my life.
But he did not want to take that.

Everything but my life.

He dragged me back into
a deeper part of the alleyway.
I don't know where I ended up.
I was too busy fighting him.

Then he held me down.

He tied my hands together.

He stood me up,
he held me back against wall.
Then he started humming.
London Bridge is falling down...
Then he started cutting.
Occasionally he stopped,
occasionally he...
Occasionally he would
say offhandedly that
Salome had left for good.
If my legs buckled,
he forced me
back on my feet again.
Hours passed.
More pain than can be imagined.
London is falling down.

I believed him.

all over my body, 
nothing that could
stop me doing my job.

He was careful in what
he did to me.

He cupped my cheek once,
I just stayed there.
I looked him in the eyes.
Those brown eyes.

London is falling

I was so afraid of what those hands would do next.
I did not dare fight him.
The risk of more pain was too great.
But it came anyway.

His skin was so scarred.

I felt so betrayed.
I trusted her,
she told me if I did
what she told me to.
London falling
She would keep me safe.
He told me that I hurt many people.
All I could say
All I could say was
All I could say through the tears was
"I know."

I begged him to kill me.
He wouldn't.
He told me I was too lovely to die.

When they found me...
When he was finished with me.
What was left of my clothes
were torn and drenched in blood.

I had passed out from the pain,
shivering in sub zero temperatures.
When I awoke,
that was all I felt.

David was gone.

My wrists were rubbed raw
from struggling.
Most of the cuts
have stopped
bleeding now,
A few will scar.

We were to head back
because our target was under
David's protection.
There had been "an error somewhere."
Then there was Salome.
Telling me to get some sleep.
Telling me I looked like death.
But I couldn't sleep.
I know you do not like the internet.
But if you read this.
For what you did to me...
I will make you suffer.
I do not care if you are a better fighter
or if you are stronger than me.
I will cut you.

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