Monday, 19 December 2011


I suppose first
of all I should
say that I am
sorry for the delay.

I sat down to post.
But, just...
Nothing happened.

I did not know what
I was supposed to say.

I keep thinking about her.

That little girl and her
"Mister Smiles."

Salome was right, it is
easier to just drift.
When you kill,
you cannot think.

Thinking kills you.

We were after a man,
a runner who went
by the name of "Moses."

Apparently he was
running a personality
cult for local runners 
in South Carolina.

He claimed he would lead
them to safety.
He was just using them
to protect himself.

We were posing as "runners."

There were five people upon
us in a matter of seconds as
we walked into the abandoned
church that they occupied.

They wore hoodies,
they were armed
with knives, the kind
you find in the kitchen.

Two of guns as well that I saw.
They took us to him.

You could see people, 
twenty or so sleeping
on the pews.

There were a couple
of families there as well.
They were not for us to kill.

Then we met him, Moses.
He was thirty years old perhaps,
with a great big beard that added
perhaps a decade to him.

He smiled at us.
Welcomed us and told us
that he would keep us safe,
from what I cannot see.

He told Salome to be
disarmed. She handed 
her gun to me.

He led Salome off 
into a side room. 

I do not know 
what happened.
The next thing I know 
there was shouting.

I pulled my gun,
I took two people down as I
backed into the vestry
where Salome was.

I locked the door behind us,
looking for another way out.

From a glance,
There was a bed there,
he had been stabbed upon it
three times in the chest.

Then his throat was slit.
She had kept her boot knife.

Salome looked at me,
she was wide eyed.
I needed to get her out of there,
she was in danger.

"He was there." She kept on
whispering to herself. 
Over and over again.
London bridge is falling down.

They started hammering on
the door, they were trying to
get inside.

No doubt they were armed.

I held her, trying to get her to
remember we had to fight.
I could not take on twenty people
on my own. I needed her.

She started london bridge crying.
They were hammering still.
I didn't know what to do.

I shot once or twice at
the door. The london bridge wood was brittle.
It kept them away, and I heard
shouting on the other side.

Either way, they had given us
a little bit of room to breathe.

Either way we had
been london backed 
into bridge a corner.

I don't myfairlady want to 
continue right now.

Another time, maybe tomorrow, maybe not.

Ember Fay

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