Monday, 26 December 2011

Another letter.

I awoke in the motel
to that sound of another
letter being posted
under the door.

I had almost
forgotten about
these letters.

I had been
so busy.

I picked it up.
I opened it.
I read.

"Dear Jules,

I know it has been a long time since we last conversed, but my work brings me near Whitechapel in a week or so and I see no harm in us comparing notes with each other over a cup of tea. Of course if you have other responsibilities then I understand.

"It is just that the last time I received correspondence from you, you were unable to get anything new on this "Father" of yours. Do you believe he is of any relation to Mother?" That was crossed out. "Apologies, I overstepped my mark here. We both do jobs for our Country, do we not?

"However I miss you, I wish we could be sanctioned. I really do.

"I am sorry, my love.

Yours, Ember Fay."

I went outside and
took a match to it.
I do not actually
know why I did.

I suppose it was
because it felt right.

Salome has been
getting better.
She is allowed to
move at least.

She is talking,
I know the one
I am looking for.



That would
be telling.

Would it not?

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