Sunday, 11 December 2011




I we

We met up with the Fixer,
the man we met earlier.
After what happened.

He smiled at us as we walked
into his home.

It was a small apartment,
down south somewhere,
states and cities still confuse me.


When he saw Salome's arm,
he tutted like a teacher to a child,
despite the fact he is younger.

He was alone, his partner was
nowhere to be found.

So I asked him about it as he
was tugging them out of her arm
with a pair of tweezers.

"He saw him, he freaked out and he 
tried to run away. You know how it is.
So I shot him in the back as he ran."



"You you shot him? Why?"
"Because that is what 
"happens to everyone."
"What do you mean?"

He looked at 
Salome accusingly, 
"You haven't given 
Ember the deal?"

She glanced back at 
him and he suddenly
worked out something. 
I guess it was about me.

"Cowardice always ends
in your death. Your torture
as well, you know. He-
We were close. Torture was
too much of a punishment."

He smiled at me widely.
"You have such nice hair. 
Would you let me dye it?"

And so it went on...

I could think about nothing else
but what he said. Or rather, 
what was worse than cowardice.
Maybe it was that which I cannot see.

Maybe I do not want 
to remember after all.
It is so difficult to think
without being overwhelmed.

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