Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A return.

When Salome told me
to get out, I was unaware
that she thought I was not
going to see Elaine.

After what happened with
Lucas, she told me.
"The next time you get too
close to a runner. I will gut you."

Salome does not forget
about promises like that.
But it seems that I do.

In fact. I only remembered
after she had her knife in
my belly almost as soon as
I got back to the Office.

Fixer came to see me the
next morning, we talked for
a while. He is not in the best
of states either, he has a crutch.

Salome took away his ability
to run, and so Tau chose him
to serve as Theta.
Tau decided to make use of him.

He told me that when
Samurai did ritual suicide.

They had another person
behind them to cut the back
of their neck. Severing their
central nervous system.

It was less of a torturous
death than Salome's choice.

Let us just say I will take
her threats seriously, even
more than before now.

With Elaine it was fun, we
were all relaxed. I suppose
having someone like me
with them was tempting fate
enough as it was.

Em is the most adorable
girl I have ever met. So
smart for her age.

Elliott, it was... Interesting.
He has been through a lot.
If I had to give someone a
lost memory like mine, it
would be him.

And then what happened,
happened, I suppose it was
only a matter of time before they
realised I was enough of a distraction.

Or maybe my presence had
nothing to do with it...
Either way I still feel guilty for it.

Back to work I go.
We leave tomorrow.
It seems this task shall
take longer than usual.

Salome seems far more
chipper about this than I.
That gives me something difficult
to describe in the pit of my stomach.

Or it could still be phantom pains
from the knife that was pushed into
my belly, either is possible...

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  1. I keep fucking telling you it wasn't your fault