Monday, 27 February 2012

A Meeting

Yesterday was the last time I had to do this.
The last time I hurt Salome.
It... I tried to keep sane since it started.
West checked up on me, made sure I was alright.
BBut then...

The day before yesterday was particularly bad.
Tau made her linger longer than usual.
I went into our room
and tried to clean my gun.

About half way through I just...
I just could not stop crying.

David was there.
I can only assume he broke in.
He... He helped me deal with the pain that night.
He understood me.

I still do not trust him.
But on that day.
He helped me.

Then yesterday...
I accidentally cut the Femoral artery.
Two minutes into the killing.
She bled out quickly.

Theta tried to hurt me.
Tau ordered a couple of men to restrain him.
He told me to "get the hell out."

I had hit what people call a low.
I was shaking too much to even drink.

And then.
When I got back to our room,
there was a familiar sight.
A letter upon my pillow.

It had...
I had not received one in a long time.
I read it.

I shall type it up tomorrow.
For today is for Mother
to decide if Salome and I
are still to be partners after what happened.

We... We shall see what
Mother decides for us.


  1. OH fuck kid. Fuck. Hang the fuck in there, It'll be alright.

    1. I am trying to.
      The worst is over.
      Well. I hope it is.

  2. Here I thought the bad in that particular incident might be behind you.