Saturday, 11 February 2012

A mistake

If there is one thing
that I have seen since
I came to the Office.

Salome does not
tolerate mistakes,
even if they are
her own.

She has not talked
to me since what happened.

We were in New Orleans.
A suburb just outside the city.

We had been assigned to
a middle aged man, small family.
The Stones. Andrew, and Julie.

They had one son, about eight.
He was named Cody.
We worked on them, we were
not supposed to kill them, just...

It will make sense later.

We stalked him, occasionally
we let him see us, just glimpses.
We learned he was an Agent in
the FBI, ex military.

We made sure
he knew he was
being followed.

There had been some
problems at school,
his son was scaring
the other children.

They took him out and
got him homeschooled.
Which was where Salome
came into the picture.

She gained her trust,
the trust of the mother.
Worked well with Cody.
She acted as his tutor.

She managed to get a
copy of their house key.
I am not sure what happened
when she was on her own.

Something about leaving more
and more and more masks.
She left blood on the mirror,
not hers. A pig's I think.

It was having an effect on his
work, I was seeing him looking
over at me one time when I was
stalking him.

He walked toward me,
I should have ran away.
He looked haggard, like
he had not been sleeping.

I leaned against the wall,
tugging out my phone.
He came to a stop right in front of me.
My heart sank as I realised my error.

"Hey. You."

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