Monday, 6 February 2012

A Superbowl

Salome had me sat
down in front of a
television last night.

It was... I wish to call
it boring, but Salome called
it "culture."

Something about "The Superbowl."
Where grown men throw
themselves at each other
to get possession of a
brown thing in order to
bring it to their opposing side.

I do not understand why
Salome wished me to understand.
But apparently the Giants won.
I could tell that because she started
shouting about how "the patriots fuckin' suck ass."

I understood none of it but she
seemed to be enjoying herself.

Also we had pizza, 
and it had these chilies on.
I think I really like spicy food

We also drank beer.
Beer is strange, 
I am not sure why people drink it.

It was a welcome break
from stalking our mark.

I cannot say much else
about our work right now.
Just that it is different to what
we normally do with kills.

Salome is keeping secrets again.


  1. Ember got drunk and watched football? How delightfully normal.

    1. I will have you know
      I was not drunk.
      I did not even have a
      hangover afterward.

    2. Pssh. Right. A hangover's based on how dehydrated you get, not how drunk. I think you're a bit full of it. ^.^

    3. Drunk? Really?
      I mean... I have
      been drunk before,
      but that was different.

    4. "Different?" Oh well. Did you at least enjoy yourself?

    5. The Superbowl was boring.
      I do not see the fun in it.
      But the food was nice,
      and I have been busy.

      It was a welcome break.

    6. Meh, It's really only worth watching for the commercials and to see if something goes awry during the half-time show.