Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Missing Letter.

Since Theta was
exchanged for my
life, it has been difficult.

Tau has been trying to
separate me from Salome.
She has gotten more protective
of me since what happened.

Though she would never admit it.

We still train regularly,
often to the death, but
she has been trying to
get me out of the Office.

Salome has been trying
to answer my questions
as best as she can.

Though sometimes there are
answers that even if she screams
it in my ear, they feel as
blurred as Mr Smiles.

There have been moments
where I have not been looking
and I see something in the corner
of my eye. I do not notice it is there,
and when I do, it is gone.

This is both before and after what
happened with Penny.

Salome told me it is natural to
feel regret at not being able to
save someone like Penny.

She then told me it was a joke.

But I do feel bad, even if she wished
me dead, she was a little girl.
She did not deserve what she got.

Apparently a group of us are
going to watch Groundhog Day
which is a film about... Actually
I do not know what it is about.

Oh, I have to go.
I will be back a little later perhaps.

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