Friday, 17 February 2012

A charge

"Shouldn't you be in school?"
He sighed at me, and walked off.

He left me blinking in the
street, not quite sure what
exactly to make of it.

How did he not notice
I was armed? Or did he
just make sure he knew I
had been noticed?

What could he have done?
Arrest me for what?
I had no mask at the time.
No proof other than my gun.

Which I suppose is why I
was so shaken by it.

I suppose the most pressing thing.
Is that why did he say
I should be in school still?
I mean, that is a new one.
Most just ask if I am a girl or a boy.

A few days came and went.
I met Penny again.
Yes she is alive.
Yes she still insists on being called "My Fair Lady."
Yes she tried to stab me for What I Cannot See did to her.

And then it was time to do
what we were to do together.
I cut the phone line just before
I met them properly for the first time.

She introduced me as an english tutor
and then we drew our guns.
Sat them down on the couch
and tied the mother's hands.

Julie tried to stab Salome with
a kitchen knife. She disarmed her.
It was easy, untrained people are easy...
Agent Stone, however...

Not everyone was here.
We waited, twenty four minutes.
He came in the front door.
Right on time, as always.

I was behind the door,
one suppressed shot to
the back of the left leg
as he put his weight on it.

He fell forwards and I
pushed him down, my
knee to his spine and a
gun against his neck
before disarming him.

I hit him with the
butt of his glock.

The man fell limp.

Salome helped me
drag him onto the couch.

Then Salome looked at me.
She handed his father's gun to Cody and said.
"Your new friend tells you to kill dad,
or we will kill your mommy."

Then all hell broke loose.

His father sprung awake,
wrenched the gun from his hands,
turned it on me,
and Salome shot him.

His mother screamed,
she shot her as well.
"I hope you learned your lesson."

I do not know if she was talking to me,
or to that little boy, Cody,
who was catatonic on the floor

She stopped talking to me after that.
The journey home was met with one thing.
Almost complete silence.

When we got back to the Office,
she was taken into the custody of Mother.
"She had killed when she was not entitled to,
and deliberately caused harm to Theta."

She is subject for punishment in five days time.
I am going to talk to her tomorrow.
I intend to try and defend her for this.
We had no choice but to kill them.

And Fixer...

Well, Fixer brought it upon himself.

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