Monday, 7 November 2011

It has been a while.

There has not been much to talk about.
On here at least.
I have no time to myself.
Salome has me run ragged.

Salome says that is a good thing.
That I am just a puppet for Mother.
That it is easier to kill on orders.

So when she tells me to take the day off,
as she is on an... An assignment.
I find another letter upon my chest,
I am uncertain of what to think.

I sit down,
I get some food and water.
I open it up and I read it.
And then I type it up on here.

It is dated December 30 1887


This is the first time I have messaged you directly. It is a pleasure to serve the cause and any assistance I can provide is all I can do. Ember Fay is a skilled agent, however I can serve you better than most. I have access into locations few know about.

I was talking to my contact about "Father." He is an interesting fellow who goes by the name Mordicai who runs an opium den. I came up with something that could be of interest. The name has been spoken before in the underworld here. Often with hushed voices. Some say he is a killer, others say he is a leader of a cult. If you ask ten people, you recieve ten different answers.

But if we take Springheeled Jack over in the cells into account, in particular the fact he was... dismembered whilst in solitary confinement, along with the murder of Fairy Fay, who only I spoke to in our investigations. I am inclined to believe that this is a group of people. Possibly a cult with members within the constabulary.

I shall keep you informed, Mother, of any discoveries that may be of interest to your person.

Also, I must beg your forgiveness in these matters, I would like to further correspondance to Ember Fay... I believe our relationship needs to be sanctioned, at least to the degree where we can send corrispondances between ourselves, if not in person.

Please consider what I said, I am very much in love with Ember. It is not agreeable to have such a relationship broken apart so soon after it became fledgeling.

Jules Charnier"

I destroy the letter and then I post this.
Salome seems to be alright with this
as long as she does not see the letter.
I am uncertain as to why.

She is harsh, soulless sometimes.
And I know she will kill me if I do not do this.
But I am training.
I do not know if I can kill.

But I am training.

Ember Fay

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