Friday, 18 November 2011

A memory

I awaken.

I get up.
Salome tells me that
I have something to do.

I follow her toward the storage room.
She gestures to the gun cabinet.

I look confused.

She tells me that
I have a job and to pick one weapon that feels right.

I say nothing and take the Glock 34,
I don't use guns,
I have never used a gun before.

She teaches me everything.
London Bridge is falling down
I hold it incorrectly.
She straightens my grip.
falling down
I accidentally hit the magazine release when reloading.

The magazine falls to the ground.
falling down
She corrects me.

I learn by example.

I get better, I shoot all the targets first try but one.

She tells me that I only killed one of them.
London Bridge is falling down
I practice harder.

My hands ache.

My arms ache.

She keeps me going. Telling me

I need to keep my rate of fire faster.

I get better.

She tells me that
I am to kill someone.
I refuse.

She points a gun at my head.
I laugh.

I tell her this is a loop.

She says. "What Loop?"
Salome shoots me.

I wake up again.

I have training to do.

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