Monday, 21 November 2011

Working with Salome.

Salome came to me three days ago.
I was shooting.
She placed a hand on my shoulder.
She told me to come with her on her next job.

I did not say because Salome said I could not.

So I did.
We were tracking someone.
A girl.
Blonde, tired looking.

Iron and steel will bend and bow...
As if she spent all her time running.
Her clothes were dirty and worn.

I only saw her from a distance.

Salome approached her in an alleyway.
Two seconds.

Bend and bow...
She fell over.
Salome slipped the knife into her pocket.
We walked quickly away.
She bled out.

Bend and bow...
I do not know her name.
Salome tells me she was dangerous to Mother.

I looked at her for a moment.
She was going to leave her to rot.
I said so.
She looked at me.

Bend and bow... 
"What can I do? Report it?"
She glared at me.
I fell silent.

Iron and Steel will bend and bow...
I return today.
I have seen a murder.
I feel guilty I did not say anything sooner.
But I do not want to die.

When I returned home,
I had two letters upon my pillow.
Waiting for my return.

The first one is dated the 4th January 1888.

"Dear Detective Charnier.

I am not one to send a message directly. But there are reasons that your relationship is not sanctioned. You are straying into things that Ember and such cannot know about if they are to continue serving our cause. You and I know that Father is dangerous, whoever he is. Especially after the kind of death Fairy Fay and John Smith suffered.

Yes. It is dangerous. But you serve me willingly. Knowing that I am not going to allow you to put others in danger through what you may find. Separating you from others in the organisation is something normal in regards to research of new potential allies or enemies.

Is that understood?

Your relationship with Ember is finished.

If you continue to try and communicate in that way, I will separate you personally.


The second is dated 6th January 1888


I hope this letter receives you well. I wish to say I understand and thank you for explaining when you did not have to. Ember's emotional stability is close to my heart as well, I would not like to hurt that. Not one bit.

I shall keep doing what I can, but it appears that people are not talking about Father. I am trying to get people to talk, but after the examples that were made of the last two, lips are tightly sealed.

However, I plan to delve into cases that are similar in circumstance to the two deaths that happened.

I shall keep in correspondence with you.

Detective Charnier."


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