Wednesday, 18 January 2012

So apparently people are worried.

Ok, when I found out that Ember was gone, Tau was trying to send me on another mission. When I saw it, I refused point blanc. We're partners for a fuckin reason, and this is a fuckin prime example of why we shouldn't be separated.

So, Ember's out, traumatized but okay. We exchanged Theta, she had betrayed us, sent us after targets who didn't need killing. I don't know how long she strung us along for that agenda. Ranting and raving about how we are apparently the good guys. Screaming at Tau.

I admit, this always leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Fuck, Ember's got a gun again, the last thing the kid needs is dreaming.

Perhaps I can make Ember open up, talk about it. Talking helps. I know that much.


  1. Talking does indeed help. Just remember not to post everything that's said, that little failing has gotten more than a few people hurt.

  2. Yeah, talking is good. Fuck, that's fucking crazy.

  3. Are you sure Theta was the source of the betrayal? Seems like things like that tend to have accomplices..

    1. Tau is sure, I'm not paid enough to care either way as long as Ember is alive and well.

      In fact I'm not paid at all.

  4. Talking really does help, I hope you can get through to Ember. Good luck.

  5. And I am trying, the kid's fast asleep.