Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bad Ideas

The New Years party 
was not what I expected, 
to be sure. I would rather
have enjoyed it and failed
to get information on Felix,
than what happened.

When I walked in, 
Recluse, began to talk to me.

It was sweet, well, as sweet 
as one can be with one who kills.
But she has her reasoning and I 
do not wish to counter it.

Then I saw David...
Of course he was there.
It had to be him there.

I spent a lot of 
my time avoiding 
him as best as 
I could.

I had a knife, 
I am not completely 
stupid but I know
how much of an
effect it had on him
the last time I used it.

Rachael and I conversed.
It was probably the most
pleasant one that I was
involved in that night.

I still do not really understand
why she was invited but I was
glad that she was indeed.

There was a tense moment with
Rachael and another person,
I did not know his name at that
time but apparently his name is Valtael.

I was distracted, I had lost David.
Then he sat next to me.
He tried to say something, but got
distracted by Nee-Chan tackling him.

Or at least someone who says "desu."

I made my escape, I must thank 
her for that. It got me out of a 
situation where I do not know 
what would have happened.

Probably crying, I was close there.

I needed air, I did not know what
was happening really. I stood by
the door only to have Photographer
warn me that something might happen.

He was right.

It was a blur really.
I saw Rachael pull 
a gun on people.
"Joseph" was missing.

I remember throwing myself
upon Morningstar's back.
I remember him being as 
strong as he looks.

And he had a sword.
I cut my hand on it.
Then I cannot remember
anything else really.

Just "Joseph" there,
injured badly and
David... I do not
like to think about it.

I suppose that is why
some people love him
and some people hate him.

I wish I could... No.
Never mind.
It is stupid.


  1. I would have apologized. That was all I intended to do. I went a little too far in my treatment of you. I thought you should know that.

    I take it you didn't get what you wanted to from "Joseph". You should go back when he's feeling better. I imagine he'd be happy to oblige. And there won't be half as many people there.

  2. I just heard a gunshot, not unusual for Ember nowadays, then I fuckin look at this.

    "David said...
    I would have apologized. That was all I intended to do. I went a little too far in my treatment of you. I thought you should know that."

    "That was all I intended to do. I went a little too far in my treatment of you. I thought you should know that."

    "I went a little too far in my treatment of you."

    "a little too far"

    So fuckin tell me David.

    What was a little too far? Would you have just tortured the kid without the rape, or the other way round?

    Do tell. I'm fuckin staring at the screen in antici-goddamn-pation.

  3. Hello Salome. Lovely to talk to you again.

    The answer's quite simple. I wouldn't have touched him at all.

    The same would not have happened for you, however. I have discovered that someone I care about cares about Ember. They called me on his behalf.

    Oddly enough, you didn't call me about it. Did you intend on helping Ember at all?

    It's easy to yell at someone through a computer. But when we were face to face, you ran. You ran and left him. Don't think that I'll forget that.

    Don't think he will either.

  4. That's it, give me a fuckin time and place and I will be there. You choose the weapons we use. Do you accept these goddamn terms or will you give me another reason to shoot you. Cowardice.

  5. So you do have a backbone. A bit late to show it, but I guess it will do.

    knives. I'll send someone with the time and place.

    I look forward to seeing you again, pup.

  6. Knives. I fuckin LOVE knives. No surprises, I would rather not have you jump off a fire escape like last time though.

  7. This is a formal fight. I will be doing nothing of the sort.