Saturday, 7 January 2012


I had an argument 
with Salome again.
We always argue.
It has become how we work.

She wanted to duel
David and I did not
wish her to get hurt.
She hit me with a crowbar.

Knocked me out.

Went off on her own.

I woke up 
after she left.
Tried to stand.
Needed to get better.

I got my gun from the locker.
My head was bleeding.
I walked to central park.

I saw David and Salome
fighting each other.
I would step in 
if there was a winner.

Salome stabbed David,

Somewhere particularly painful.

David had her pinned
to the ground in a moment.
I only intervened when he
started to hurt my partner.

David dropped his knife.
Salome stood up.
She got angry at me and
she punched me in the face.

I was in a daze on the ground.
I could hear talking,
I could here the sound of the lake
that they had decided to fight at.

All I wanted to do 
was sleep it off.

Salome asked me 
if I was okay to
get back home.

"I should be."

She left me alone. 
I know why she did
that to me. She knew
we needed to talk.

I made it clear that
I did not accept his
apology because it
meant nothing. 

Just words meant
to make Elaine know
he apologized as a point.

David walked me
back to the office.

I was in no 
state to walk there, 
but I had regardless.

I cannot understand
this man at all.
He walks me home
after he injures my partner.

The head wound has gone
now, but I still have a large
bruise on my cheek, under my eye.

Salome is in a bad way.
A couple of fractured ribs.
Her leg is injured from where
the knee was kicked hard.

And a bruised ego.

I find her practicing shooting.
She is not talking to me.
I suppose this is all my fault that 
I let David get me in the first place.

I think I will dream tonight.


  1. Consider yourself lucky you're both alive, really.

  2. Do you wish to understand?

    We could talk more. If you can stop yourself from trying to kill me.

    And you do have one thing wrong. It's no one's fault. Just bad timing and coincidence. I have nothing against you or your partner. I never did.

  3. Talk.

    There is so much
    that I do not
    understand about

    Maybe if I understood
    one thing then I
    would feel better.

    I would like to talk.

  4. I'm gonna have give my two cents here.

    David, I can understand bad timing and coincidence being part of the reason for the events that went down that night. It still doesn't justify it! @#!*% , there is never a justification for rape you remorseless prick!

  5. Children, children, calm down. Raggedy, much appreciated that you're trying to be a hero, but among us... this sort of this is different.


    Ember, I'm glad to hear that you and your partner are alive. This was a messy sort of situation and I'm glad you both got out of it fairly... unharmed. I never like to see anyone dead. It's a waste, considering. Drop by any time, and... apologies about the party.

  6. Raggedy,
    I agree with
    "Joseph." I got
    answers, I can
    try and move on.

    "Joseph," It was
    a pleasure meeting
    you on New Years.

    I hope you are
    recovering well,
    and I would might
    just drop in sometime.

  7. Salome's a bit of a bitch, huh? Not that I give a fuck, but there's bitchy and then there's being stupid.

  8. I could reply
    to that but
    then Salome
    would probably
    hurt me.

    You know how it is.