Sunday, 22 January 2012

Penny Holland

Penny Holland,
that name is stuck
in my head right
now this second.

It is like I am aching.
I remember it so clearly.
I went to the park again,
3:27 PM, she was there.

Someone else was there,
her smile. I remember that
smile so much. I pulled the
gun in the middle of central park.

I didn't have a chance to fire.
I fell, like the ground opened
up under me, but it did not,
I... I wish I knew what happened.

I was in the house,
the one I was in for
such a long time.
The one I called "home."

I was sat on the couch,
I could not move.
Penny smiled at me, she
told me that Mr Smiles wanted
to prove he was there.

I looked behind her, I
could see a blur, like
the shimmering air above
hot asphalt on a summers day.

I tried to focus on it but I
simply could not do so.

It was a few feet away, this
shimmer of air. And then it
grew larger, came closer to

I felt something touch me.

I felt pain, deep inside my mind.
"You are nothing you are nothing
you are nothing you are nothing
you are nothing compared to me."

I felt what felt like a finger,
running down my chest, leaving
a trail of something... I thought it
did not hurt, then I choked.

I looked down and saw blood.
The pain was suffocating me
as this little girl laughed at me.

Then i felt this pressure,
against my chest, against
my shoulders, against my
head. My whole body felt
as if it was not mine to have.
I do not know how long
I was like this, but then...
The blur moved away,
I had my mind back...

Penny screamed at it to
hurt me but instead it moved
to her, it must have done to
her what it did to me.

Her screams... She fell to
her knees... Screaming 
"I'm sorry daddy I'm sorry."

She was lifted up, flung against
the wall next to me and I 

and I

And I saw her cut open.

I couldn't look away, 
I just watched as she 
was torn to pieces...

I was covered in her blood.

Then Salome came back...
Apparently I passed out before I
could stand up to try and stop
them doing anything to Theta...

I slept for days, Salome says I
needed it to try and recover.
She says that I am safe now.
I do not feel safe.
All I want right now is to escape.
I just wish beyond anything to run.

This... This blur
I am supposed to 
work for, terrifies me
far more than death.

I feel sick.


  1. So Penny's friend turned on her?

    1. Shame...and a tad discomforting now given all of the other friends she had....

      wait, by "little girl", how old did she look?

    2. Nine or ten
      years of age.

      The blur was
      Mr Smiles, I
      know it was.
      It has to be.

    3. I'm not disputing Mr. Smiles but..

      I need to look into something....

    4. Scratch that, I was thinking of another Penny with a very smiley friend.

  2. It is
    always a fright
    when Mr. Malum
    comes to town.

    You seem
    or at least
    relatively so.

    It could have been
    so much worse.
    But you made it
    out alive.

    I'm glad.

    1. I am glad as
      well Robby.

      I am glad I do
      not dream for
      once in my life.