Tuesday, 11 October 2011

No sign of Salome

I have not seen Salome at all since that time at the Cafe.
It has been a day and I am starting to worry a little bit.
I have been training though.
I have kept to the same routine as I have since I arrived here.

I get up.
I run.
I eat.
I shoot.

I can't fight without a partner.
I eat.
I run some more.
I shoot some more.

My hands are trembling from the
jerking of the gun  in my fingers.
Salome calls it recoil.
I may take a day off tomorrow.
I might just to rest my hands.

I eat dinner.
Then I spend the rest of the evening cleaning.
Myself and the equipment I have used since this morning.
It's then that I notice another letter.

I debate tearing it up.
Something draws me to it.
Something makes me feel like I need to read it.

So I do.

And then I show everyone else what it said.

It's nonsense to me, as if I am receiving only a single part of the conversation.

It is dated October 28th 1887.

"Dear Detective Charnier.

I recieved your letter yesterday, and I must say I am concerned. Mother told me to keep you in the loop, and as such I must explain to you that you are to follow up on this Father of yours, and that I am simply to forward the correspondances without viewing.

I am uncertain as to why mother does not trust me with what you may find, but it is important that you do this task to the best of your abilities.

I have my own work to perform, finally something other than handling agents like yourself. Something that better utilises my capabilities. I shall be gone for one week, communication shall cease and any letters you send shall be forwarded as soon as possible.

You are on your own.

Also Jules.

I was told to notify you that our relationship is unsanctioned and as such our communication must remain fully professional. Do not fight it. There is no point. This comes from Mother's own hand.

It is difficult to say but I believe it is for the best. I am sorry.


Ember Fay""


So they were involved with each other.

It sounds a little bit sad really.

And now I fall asleep.

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