Wednesday, 28 September 2011

How am I?

I woke up today in an unfamiliar place
it felt like I had been sleeping for years
every bone in my body was aching.

The house wasn't a house.

It was a tall office block.

I panic. 

I try and run.

She pulls the gun on me and tells me. 
A bullet is the only way out for me. 
She looks at me like I'm nothing.
The day always goes like this:

I wake up,
I eat,
I run until I'm sick.

I rest for ten minutes exactly.

I run again.

I eat lunch. 

I spar with her.
She has a knife. 
I lose and get cut. 

She gives the knife to me.
I try and cut her.
She takes it back and cuts me instead. 

I learn that what she had on the day she saw me, 
was a gun.

I am not good at shooting but she says I need to practice.

Six accurate shots in four seconds. 

I eat and then 
I sleep. 

I don't know why I am doing this.
I don't think about it.
I never think about it.
It's too much effort to think about it.  

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