Saturday, 17 September 2011

Who am I?

It is as if I have been sleeping for years upon years upon years. 
I awake in an unfamiliar bed.
I look in the mirror and don't recognize myself. 
Every single bone in my body aches.

I start asking myself questions. 
Where am I? I don't know.
What am I doing here? I don't know that either.
Do I have a family? I don't know at all.
When is my birthday? I can't remember.

Who am I? And staring right back at me, I read a note taped to the door. 
It says "Ember Fay."

It says "Tell me who you are."

I go down stairs. I look around.
I see eggs, another note. "Omelette."
I recognize that, I know how to make an Omelette. 

I see tin of something.
I see a note on it, that says "Coffee."
I can make coffee.

I eat.
I drink. 
I explore some more.
I see a door with a note on it that says "Do not open." 
I do anyway. 

I see a computer. 
I see a note that gives an address and a password.
I log in.
I see this blog. 
I see a previous post.
It says "Tell me who you are." 

Music playing makes me jump.
I enjoy it.

I look, 
I write, 
I ask "Who am I?" 
I doubt if I will get an answer. 
I can't press "publish."
I can never press "publish."

I stand up. 
I look around. 
I see a note.
It says "Press publish."

I sit back down.
I stare at the screen.
I hope I don't make a mistake.
I press publish. 

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