Sunday, 18 September 2011

Where am I?

I stare at my post for a little while.
I try and get onto news websites again.
BBC, CNN, USA Today, New York Times.
I get the same result as ever.

September 12th 2001, articles about how The Americas were ruined.
I feel disheartened.
I stand up.
I look around.

I look out of the window.
I look away from the light.
I find it too bright outside.
I look at the clock.

I sit down.
I look at the blog again.
I have an email.
I have no one to email.

I read it.
It says "Go to the door."
I go to the door.
I rest my hand on the knob.

I feel it's cool metal on my skin.
I tighten my grip. 
I open the door.
I feel a breeze on my face. 

I try step outside. 
I see a hedge, 
I feel grass under my feet. 
I see streets 

I am in some kind of suburbs.

I walk toward the old metal gate.
I can climb it.
I do climb it.
I almost go over the top.

I can't do it.
I fall back.
I scream.
I cry.
I yell. 

I am not heard.

I am alone.

I am hungry again.
I make myself another omelette. 
I eat.
I look at the clock.

I lie in bed.

I remember, tomorrow will be the same as always.

I don't question it. 

I fall asleep. 

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