Wednesday, 28 September 2011

What am I?

I wake up.
I get dressed.
I find my name.
I have eggs for breakfast.

I eat.

I almost finish.

I hear a knock on the door.

I ignore it,
no one knocks on my door.
I sit down again
I finish eating.

I hear it again.
I walk toward the door. 
I reach for the doorknob.
I don't touch it.

A third knock. 
I swing the door open and see someone.
She has a metal thing, it looks dangerous.
I back up against the wall and she rounds on me.

"You're lucky." She says matter of factly.
Whatever it was pointed at my face,
it had a hole in one end and it bent into a handle.
Like a revolver but it was blocky. Two squares.

"You should be dead by now." She is older than me.
Maybe thirty, her grey-blue eyes are cold as she regards me. 
I slide down the wall.
I cry again.

"And you will be if you don't do what I tell you." 
It's not a joke.
I look up.
I speak.

Words catch in my mouth.
I have not talked in so long.
"Who are you and what do you want?" 
I stutter, my throat hurts. 

"My name is Salome, and my want is to follow Mother's orders."
I remember the name. It is in the back of my mind.


 What is it.  

 The letter. Ember said something about "Mother."  

"What orders?" 

 "To teach you who you are."   


 I don't have a choice. 


 I have to find out. 

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