Thursday, 13 September 2012

I don't like this blog but I figured you'd all want to know. Ember went to sleep the night of the last post and then never woke up. Ember had been fucking hiding the infection from me, by the time we found out, Ember was feverish and the wound was covered in this black gunky stuff.

Yeah... This isn't the kind of infection we were treating Ember for. You know, the normal kind... In fact it's kind of a surprise that the kid didn't get infected since before now. Though I suppose the constant resets The Office gave helped with that.

I can't tell you where we are, or even who we're with. Because that could be used to track us.

Ember will be fine and apart from Penny's stab wound, the others are healing well enough.

Now, onto the second order of business or whatever the fuck it is.

In regards to Ember's little comment about normality last post having people talk in the comments about it.

I can't speak for Ember but I can speak for myself. My parents were killed by this Order and they gave them me to look after.

I didn't have to kill. I had another choice. I could die as originally planned. Ember and I have more things in common than I'd like to admit. Every kill I did, every person I took out of normality and showed them what it was like to have their neck broken. I told myself that it was different. I was killing to survive.

I never wanted it though, I had the same fucking thoughts as Ember. Looking a third option. One that stopped me killing, and moved the fucking gun away from my head.

I've seen people die who made the same promises as Ember, but with Tau on our side. With Ember still alive. I'm gonna bet my life with them. Even if it's a slim fucking chance and a stupid idea now. I made my move. I aint gonna be taken back.



  1. You are taking something back, your original decision. And your devaluing every life you've plucked.

    1. Every life I plucked is a decision I made. Every time you stab someone it is a decision. An incredibly, terribly fucking bad one And that'll always be on my conscience.

      The choice to stop, or at least fight back against those who've owned me these past years that's the first good decision I've made.

      If I make it out of this, I'm living for them so fuck you.

    2. Have fun dying for them.

  2. So, to summarize all the bits I haven't read in the past couple of months, what's wrong with Ember? Will he survive?

    1. For your fucking reading pleasure.

      Uh, Ember got stabbed by Penny, Wound got infected by something fucking weird, Ember still unconscious, Ember killed the backers who were supporting the killing of runners, we both flipped along with Tau and a few others. More each day changing sides.

      Not sure if Tau is alive, or if Ember will survive either, but I hope the kid does. Ember's the reason this happened.