Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A failed goodbye

Half an hour after the events in the last post,
I was trying to visit Duckling.
My Duckling.
You could guess how it went...

West argued against it but I screamed at him.
I needed to see him one time before I left.
I needed to tell him it was going to be okay.
Even if it was not.

I walked into the hallway,
and Trent was there...
He stabbed me with a spear.

That bastard Fracture.
He stood over me.
"It's over, Ember."

It will be over when I am dead.
I would not accept it.
It was then that West pushed Fracture to the side...
They fought.

It all went so fast.
Tugging the spear out.
Opening Duckling's door.
Seeing a bomb on the bed.

Twisting to run.

It was like...
A deep thud against your chest,
then your ears hurt and
then it all sounded like bells in my ear.

Never stopping.
Drowning out everything.

I had managed to get out of the doorway in time.

Then West was pulling me out of the building down the fire escape.
I'd managed to get to my feet.
I could feel the occasional clang.
I suppose they were bullets.

Then we made it to the car.
We stayed in a motel for a couple of days.

Let me get my hearing back to a degree.
Now we are travelling.
We are travelling a long way.
Everything still hurts.

But I am getting better.

I need to get better.


  1. This, this is why they both need to die. When I finally don't need either of those assholes, I'm going to beat Trent to death using Fracture as a club!

    1. You said it yourself.
      You would have done the same.
      For a little while.
      I thought you had placed it yourself.

    2. I might have sold you out but I would never try to blow you up like that. Its far to... impersonal.

    3. You would have given me
      what you would call.
      "A good death."

      Being blown into tiny pieces.
      I suppose that could be considered
      as good a death as any.

    4. That's a horrible fucking death.