Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A cell.

You know...
I wonder what normality would be like.

Normal friends.
Normal family.
Normal relationships.
Normal life.

Even wondering about it feels so...
So alien.
Like I am staring through a looking glass.
People who don't know how close to death they are.

People who think they are invincible.

West and I talked a little.
Back when we were training.
We talked about roles.

Pawns, Queens, Kings.

Once, when Penny was messing with me.
She called me a pawn,
one move away from the other side.

That is me.
I cannot afford to look back.
Only forwards.

My leg is infected.
We got to the cell.
I am on some kind of tablets.

They make me throw up.
I shall sleep again now.



  1. I don't care for chess metaphors. They never really fit for me as the other pieces in chess don't spend the game running from and trying to fight one unidentified piece.

    What the hell are they doing to you?

    1. The throwing up is the antibiotics. A not very nice fucking side effect if you ask me.

      Also you would be a knight, easily.

    2. The way they keep moving me you'd think I was a pawn.

  2. There's not much to normalcy. It's...desirable. But looking at it.. you realize how goddamn simple and stupid everything is. Being normal is like living a cookie cutter life. You live, you accomplish meaningless deeds, you live a while longer, you die.

    I don't think it would suit you, dearest.

    1. I think that might be all Ember wants. Might even be what Ember needs.

    2. Maybe. But it would be hard to get used to. or maybe not. i wouldn't know.

    3. Urgh, I'll write a new post about this... Too much to say on my part anyway.