Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Red One's Letter

Just so you know.
This post is on a timer.
I am currently on a search for Duckie and... Well.

I... I do not know why.

I suppose it was to say that if I was not back now,
West should probably panic 
or call me
or something.

A while back now.
I said I would type up Lucky's Letter.
I then promptly forgot about it
I do not know why, but I took the letters with me.

The letters I have left anyway.
Then I came across it, bloodstained.
There was no date upon this letter.
But I assume it is a couple of months after the last.

Maybe January or February, 1889. 
Those dates feel significant.
I do not know why.

Here it is: 

"Dear Ember Fay,

I want to tell you something, please, promise me you will not come and visit me. I also request that you do not call me worthy of Bedlam. What I am telling you is in the deepest confidence.

I saw a man the other day, a tall man, he was stood outside my window like a spectre, or a thief. When I looked to it, I stood, grasped my cane and moved to face him. "A common Thief. Or a joke taken too far!" I can hear you cry out. You remember my abode, a room above a bakers shop. They feel so safe with a Policeman in tenancy.

There was no ladder when I opened the window to observe his getaway.

I digress, he was <The words are too faded to read.>

This man, whoever he is, he knows about these murders. Or maybe he is the one perpetrating them. Please do not ask me how I know this, or why I do. I feel it from my own personal experience. I only see facts, the idea that he was something <Once again the words are too faded to read> 

It disturbs me deeply.

I will continue the interviews, but please do not expect me to draw blood from a stone, Spring Heeled Jack is incredibly elusive.

I have certain fears for my safety, especially if this man is the Gentleman I am looking for.

Liberté Égalité Fraternité

Jules Chénier"

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