Thursday, 16 August 2012

A location.

Well, we found him.
We found Swan.
He looked half dead when I saw him,
all wrapped up in a suit.

I was so worried.
First the posts about him losing sleep...
He called me... A part of me anyway...

Then he just vanished.
I tried to find him,
with the help of Firecracker.

She is a skilled tracker,
even if she wants to kill him.

We spent days looking for him
until we received a tip...
I do not know how they knew my number.
But it was accurate.

She beat me there
but she didn't hurt him...
I called West and we took him back.

He woke up again a day later.
Like he had not been sleeping.
Not since before he had vanished anyway...

I'm staying to make sure he will be okay.
Also West had calamari dumped on his head.


  1. Ember, if it helps your rage directed at Fracture, at all-- I think the way you and Swan care about each other so much is sweet.

    1. I just dislike being around him.
      It is like he is "pushing buttons"
      in your head.

      Though you finding us sweet
      is a little strange to me.

    2. He's a shrink. It's what people like him live for-- pushing buttons, that is.

      Why is it strange to you? You care a lot about him. He cares a lot about you. You're happier when you're with each other-- and he says it himself that you keep him safe....

      That's sweet in my book, dear.

    3. Regardless of the fact
      we both murder on a regular basis?

      I suppose if that
      tiny little thing was forgotten.
      I would understand a little.

    4. Ember, my fiancè had been a hunter proxy before he passed away. Whether you're a murderer or a nun means jack shit-- I like both you and Swan as people. Twisted or no, I'm standing by my original statement: you two are sweet and Fracture's just a obsessive-compulsive button-pusher.

    5. I don't think I'm comfortable with how public our relationship has become.

      I blame west for this.