Friday, 3 August 2012

Radio Silence

I never said how I came to work for this Order. Did I? Never had a mom or dad and was brought up by Tau. He said he was my godfather, but I thought he wanted to have me as his kid.

Then I wised up and realised he just wanted another killer to launch at people he disagreed with. So that's what I gave him.

A few weeks ago now, we were recieving guests. Swan, Ronan and the rapist. All was fine, and then another of our backers was dead. There was a funny joke with him. He called himself "The Controller." But he was so morbidly obese there was genuine fucking concern for doorways. From then on, a load of us killers called him "The Fat Controller." Like in that kids TV show about trains. I can't remember the damn name for the life of me.

He was found in his safehouse, his guards both shot and stabbed. He had been cut open like a pig on his bed. After that, Theta ordered us all to go dark. We got rid of our guests and sealed the loop. Theta would come down fairly regularly, let us know that we were all suspects, and vanish off upstairs. Though I'd guess that upper management disagreed with him...

I'd try and find out what it's about, but isn't my job to understand the upper management I guess. We should get going. Just another fucking job to do.

Isn't it always like that?



  1. Ooooo, Mr. Duck has been keeping secrets.

    Did they walk a yellow brick road on their visit? I bet Mr. Duck got a brain, Mr. Ronan got courage, and Mr. Rapist got a heart. Was Ember in a blue dress?

    Who was the witch?

    1. You. Clearly.
      Perhaps you are allergic to water?
      Just a suggestion.

    2. That's crazy. I'm not green! Also bathing. I do that. Like twice daily.
      SO much blood.

      New theory. West was the witch, or he had one. Wicked witch of the west!
      Ha, ha. Nailed it.

      Seriously bitch, I'm not a witch,

    3. West is male so he would make a bad witch.
      It fits you better than me
      And why did you call me a bitch?
      You are far more of one than me.

      Don't you even want those cute flying monkeys?

    4. Put ol' Wes' in a dress and he can fly with the best.

      Plus also Mrs. Fay, you called me a witch first.
      Keep those smelly flying butt monkeys to yourself!

      I bet the real Glinda didn't have to put with this kind of sass.

    5. There was no Glinda.
      It is a book.
      Why are you saying that she would put up with sass?
      I... I think you should go to a mental hospital.

      The Wizard of Oz does not exist, silly.

      Book my ass.


    7. I will if you wish.
      I could imagine it would hurt though.
      I do not see why you would want that.

      In fact I am rather embarrassed that you asked me to...

    8. NO SASS.

      Hehe. Shy.


    9. I just want to know...
      Why you want me,
      of all people,
      to book your ass?

    10. Because you have so much class!

      Seriously, stay away from my ass,

    11. Are those the noises you make when Mr. Duck sneaks off?

    12. Just so we are clear,
      you are talking about sex
      with that comment.


    13. Specifically moaning. Moaning like a banshee!

      A banshee with a bird!

    14. Oh.
      No it is not.
      I did not know I was a banshee.

    15. No what is not?


    16. The sounds I make when
      Swan and I are together.
      We just talk.
      It is nice.

    17. Adorable. Hehe.


    18. Huh reading these comments it seems Firecracker can be funny.

      I guess he just needs the right foil.

      Anyways main topic.

      I like to check up on who's watching me so I came to see who you were.

      So far you seem quite interesting.

      I hope that we can form an enjoyable little communication bond together as is only seen in the magical world of blog comments.

    19. I find blog comments interesting.
      It is nice to meet you Lisa.
      Though I did not know
      blog comments were magical.

      I thought computers were involved.

    20. Did she say he? I ain't your pussy posse of pitiful proxies bitch, I will end you!

      Fire upon you,

    21. You're not male?

      Huh I guess I just sort of assumed with the names you have...

      I'll admit that's foolish on my end.

      Nice alliteration there though.

    22. Aww, you noticed. <3

      Still want to kill you,

    23. That's nice.

      Still prefer Swan.