Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Song and a Dance

I have to move out...
Too many people are looking for me right now.

Tau came to find me yesterday.
Sat me down on a battered old couch.
His office was a mess of papers.
Piles of them everywhere.

It was odd.
Comforting to be amongst the chaos.

He offered me a drink.
I declined.
"What are my orders?"
"You have none."

I was confused by that.
He sighed and poured himself one instead.
"Just sit tight until we need you."

"What am I to do until then?"
"I don't know. Learn to drive?
West told me he could teach you..."

If I had a drink, I would have choked.
"West spends most of his time teaching me unarmed combat."
I have not described him before, have I?

He's six foot six inches, 
hair cut to a fuzz on his round head,
and looks like he has too many muscles.

In unarmed combat, 
he is punishing in every sense of the word.
For example if he gets a grip on my wrist, 
my arm may as well already be broken.

He has choked me to death multiple times during "training."

The one time I won... I kind of cheated.
Tau would say I "Played possum."
It stopped being "unarmed training" 
when I lodged a hatchet in the side of his head.

Today he taught me to drive stick shift.
Well. He tried anyway.
The accelerator and clutch are annoying and I keep stalling.
I hate driving, but I need to learn.

I need to live up to Salome.

I need to.


  1. Don't worry, driving will get better overtime...provided you aren't driving in the South.

    1. Driving is horrible.
      I never want to do it again.
      And West got revenge for the hatchet as well.

      All I want to do is have fresh air.

  2. Are you alright, Ember? I have a feeling you might like to talk. it might help.

    1. Eventually I will be fine.
      But drop me an email if you like.
      I could use more people to talk to.

  3. I need to learn to drive too. Probably won't, though.

    1. If you do, get an automatic.
      It is less hassle than gearsticks
      and having West try and teach you.