Monday, 10 December 2012

A Proof of Concept.

I awoke in the early afternoon.
to the sound of fighting outside in the snow.
Two men arguing over who should be partnered up.
Then punches got thrown.

I looked at them, 
looked at West.
We both walked through the gathering crowd.

I stepped between them.
I told them that there are no partners.
No secrets.

Someone screamed why they thought I should be in charge.
After what happened with Duckie.
After I killed someone who was close to all of us.

One of them draws a knife to stab me.
I kill him.
I said I felt stronger now.
I have told them all before.

I say that I will free them.
And I will do that.
But is not a democracy.
It is my way or the road.

No more half measures.
No more assassination attempts.
Theta, either come and face me.
Or we will come and find you.


  1. Oh the traitorous minions. Oh how they bicker.

    How they scream and die. How harsh you've become. You very well may be mistaking this feeling of Strength with a slow loss of control.

    I know Duckie couldn't tell the difference.

  2. Who thought they could take you?!

    Aren't you and Bear like the ONLY proper assassins there? In like, all of your surviving order.

    1. No.
      We are not the only ones.
      Eight who turned.
      And those who were training, more.

  3. Um. Don't get carried away with the killing, Ember. I thought the whole point of this was to get away from that.

  4. Wait. Theta? A fucker in my group was named Theta.

    He's dead now though. Traitorous fuck.